About Us

Novation Solutions (NOVSN) is a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider specialising in Document Management and Back-Office Operations. Operating in Hong Kong and China, NOVSN employs over 400 staff on a 24/7 basis at our five operation sites in key cities, providing mission-critical BPO solutions to organisations since 1989. With proven track records in providing resilient and professional services to banking, financial and insurance companies, which are demanding in quality and reliability.

We form close partnership with our customer to develop the services to:

- Lower operating cost

- Reduce non-core CAPEX

- Focus on business-generating activities

- Improve productivity

- Maximize resources utility

- Contribute Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

NOVSN is certified with ISO9001 (HK04/0084), ISO27001 (HK08/00472) and FSC ® (License Code: FSC-C006189)


Novation Solutions was form in 1989  as a subsidiary of a Bank Group in Hong Kong. The company provided the Bank with high quality security document and commercial prints for its operations.

Thanks to the continuous investment in technology and staff development, it has become a market leader in providing high-quality security document prints with digital personalization. To meet the needs of its customers,  NOVSN extended its business scope to document management and back-office operations and into China since 2002. Serving its China customers from our Shanghai, Dongguan and Shenzhen sites. In 2007, under a management-led buy-out, the company name was changed to Novation Solutions Limited to reflect the changes in its market approach from a printing operation to a document management company delivering solutions to its customers for out-bound and in-bound documents.

Corporate Vision

We believe by adopting proven operation methodology, advance information technology and industry best practice, we will move to the top league of Business Process Outsourcing  in the region. Through helping our clients to maximize resource utilisation, improving productivity and better deployment of human resources, our solutions will enable our clients to improve their bottom line, customer experiences, and contribute to corporate social responsibility.

Outsourcing Services Model

corporate vision

Our BPO outsourcing services major in two major categories: Document Management and Back-Office Operations. Under each category, there are corresponding service elements. According to our clients’ needs and environment, solutions are worked out by adopting the key service elements. Each service element acts as a module, with high integration and scalability for the desired solution model. This model offers greater flexibility to our clients to enjoy  the benefits of our outsourcing services in shortest time and meeting their business targets.

Operation Sites


NOVSN has established operation sites in Hong Kong and China (Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Shanghai) for providing top-notch outsourcing services of document solutions to corporations in Hong Kong and China.

Our presence gives flexibility and united services standard to our customers who have regional business coverage. Our sites are purposely built, and connected with secured communication linkage as the backbone for executing mission-critical jobs.


Engagement Model

Engagement Model

NOVSN firmly believes that all successful outsourcing services are based on long-term and mutual benefit relationship. NOVSN works closely with our customers for learning the customers’ needs, today and beyond. We adopt the proven engagement model for constructing the solutions for our customers after developing the scope and deliverables.

Further, by continuous review, we bring in new industry best practice for benefiting our clients in cost control, productivity, and customer experiences. For each project, we have a dedicated solution delivery project manager, supported by the corresponding service team from initial engagement to transition to daily operation management.